Neu Spiritual Science

Neu – The Spirit Particle


When we look at reality, we look at it from the point of what we see, what we understand and what we feel could be true as a possibility

However, there is no beginning or end to our existence and for every fraction of a second of our existence there exists infinite existences; as we imagine it to be through our consciousness.

And only until we are conscious and feeling.

The only true existence is of the Neu which is pure energy without form or shape. It is neutral meaning it is neither matter nor anti-matter. Therefore, it is neither created nor destroyed. There is nothing to create or destroy.

Consider for a second, if you did not exist. Then would the sky be blue? Will there be food to eat and life to live! Will there be ego and jealousy, wars to fight and money to make! All this make sense only if you exist and feel conscious.

Thus everything around you exists for you, because of your consciousness.

Thus, the Universe starts existing as also everything in it, the minute your Neu enters the mortal body and starts interacting with your brain, resulting in your conscious feeling.

Some call it the soul. For me soul has religious annotations and more of a spiritual form without any scientific reasoning. The Neu is more apparent as physical particle just like the modern day “neutrino”. All of these are words invented by us. So one has to be careful on what the conscious reality is projecting on us.

The true reality is the existence of a Neu as a physical particle that has almost no mass and hence undetectable by most accounts. Scientists are spending years and a lot of money researching the neutrino. And they are only finding more surprises.

Until we use common sense, the search will never end. For me it is crystal clear. There is a physical particle which I call as the Neu. I can feel it and most people have felt it in different ways. I have also experienced its powers and thus I know that the Neu is no ordinary particle of nature.

It is the carrier of the DNA of our consciousness not just the present but all of the life cycles it has given life to and lived through.

In the beginning there were no individual Neu’s and thus there was no Neu Spirit. There was pure nothingness. The nothingness had no time or boundary and there was no matter. However, nothingness has a spark of neutral energy that gave meaning to its existence. Initially, the spark is infinitesimally small and almost non-existent. But then in an instant, this spark started growing in strength and it grew bigger and bigger (invisible unlike light) and this gave birth to time.

As the spark of nothingness became infinite, it began feeling the force of nothingness pulling it within to contract and this tug of war between the Neu spark and the nothingness lead to the Big Bang that resulted in the creation of matter and light. The creation of matter, lead to fusion and formation of neutrinos that grew in numbers and which in turn started creating other forms of matter bonding the matter into forms such as stars, galaxies and planets.

When life was first formed, the first individual neu was also formed in the same way as the Neu Spark was formed from nothingness, lending consciousness to the living form. Even the smallest living form has a Neu as has the most intelligent one.

There is no size or shape or mass for the Neu and it is pure energy and equal in all living forms. The true power of the Neu; which is equal to the Neu Spark, could be realized by a conscious living being, such as a human being. For most other living beings, including some humans; it is as good as non-existent.

Every time, a Neu enters a living form at the time of conception, a new universe is created for the living being. And though, each one exists in their own universe in their present time space; the conscious mind tricks us into believing otherwise; that we are living in the same time space and the same universe.


The neu is just another particle. My research so far indicates it is akin to the particle that has already been discovered by science, the neutrino.

The neutrino is the only particular that is known to pass through any matter and even when it interacts with another particle, it merely changes into another form. As we look towards the sun, a billion neutrinos pass through our eyes without knowing.

The neutrino is influenced by weak forces and is formed during nuclear reactions specially fusion reaction. The neu can be a neutrino that is independent of time and accumulates or discards energy. As it accumulates energy, its communication power increases and as it discards energy, its communication power decreases. Communication power as in communicates with other neu’s and forms a neu spiritual network.

The combined power of which is infinite and thus enable formation of a universe in an instant or be destroyed in an instant. Shiva’s third eye is an example of what such power entails. Let us restrict to science for now. Scientists are active in using Neutrino energy. And we are only scratching the surface. Countries are investing billions of dollars in searching for these Ghost particles. Why?

I believe the answer is quite simple. If we understand the neutrino and its power, everything becomes much simpler. Yet, we are all searching for something within the boundaries of our self-created universe and there are limitations to what we will find. Because, as I mentioned in the previous chapter, our universe is limited to our conscious existence and is not inter-dependent on the universe created by others. Yet, our neu’s are inter-connected and so long as we form a universe that is filled with dark matter, which is basically neu’s gone dark through our expelling dark energy through dark deeds and actions, there is little chance of locating the Neu Spirit.

As have many learned men have said before, search for the truth within yourself not outside. And that destination cannot be reached through the traditional scientific path but requires us taking a spiritual direction.

My own research on the neutrino and the forces that form the neutrino is described as follows:

“For every infinitesimally small fraction of a second of our present there exists a past and a future both existing at the same time. If one ceases to exist in one, one continues to exist in the other. Thus our consciousness continues in a cycle of life and death ceasing to exist on death in one time space and awaken in another on being reborn in another time space in an instant. Thus as a conscious entity we never cease to exist or die.”

Our soul is nothing but a Neutrino that is bonded with our mortal body to what

I call as a ‘Neu’ and this ‘Neu’ can travel faster than light passing through time and space.

Every living being that has consciousness has a ‘Neu’ or the spiritual Neutrino that keeps it alive. One way to test if a living creature has a consciousness is to detect Neutrinos at the time of its death.

The ‘Neu’ has a spiritual DNA that is carried forward in the cycle of life and death. Only on Moksha is it released from this cycle and in scientific terms

Moksha is imparting higher energy to the ‘Neu’ so it escapes the cycle and there on it can exist in pure spiritual form without needing a body or can also take any form or shape.


When a star dies we see the faster than light Neutrinos emitted on the release of ‘Neu’ from the death of conscious living beings first before the light from the explosion arrives.

The death of a Star is also due to the star core getting converted to Neutrinos as it ages and forms an empty shell inside that finally bursts the star ending its life and releasing a flux of Neutrinos.

Besides Neutrinos being released as a consequence of nuclear fusion, faster than light Neutrinos can also be created through the creation of the Gravitational Electrical Effects force.

Gf = NiA x B x do

Where NiA is the size of the core and the electrical charge, B is the power of magnetic induction generated by the Star’s Gravitational field and do is the Magnetic flux resulting from the electrical charge of its core.

The star’s matter is converted to Neutrinos on the formation of Gf