Born in Hell! Are You?


When you started living no one told you are in Hell and that you have to work hard to make it like heaven for yourself and those around you.

Eastern Hindu philosophy such as the Vedas and the Bhagwad Gita mention different cycles of lifetimes and that the current lifetime is Kaliyug – where negativity rules and righteous are tested.

Western Philosophy talks about Day of Judgement which literally means the same thing that we are all living in a hellish dimension and a day will come when the righteous will be saved.

When I look at these thoughts from the prism of science, it occurs that that there are different dimensions of the same lifetime. Some positive and others negative and when a soul creates a physical dimension to experience consciousness, it may well be any of these dimensions.

The dimension that we all now exist as I write seems to be more negative than positive and for many sort of hellish.

Imagine being born in a place like Syria or Afghanistan or Yemen, where bombs off like firecrackers. A soul getting impregnated in such a dimension into conscious existence is nothing less then hell. Not that everyone is suffering as in hell in these places.

Other forms of hell could be being born into the custody of abusive parents or being abandoned in say a garbage bin and then being abused over and over again in foster care or orphanages. Not that everyone gets abused in such circumstances.

Yet, when coming into conscious existence as well as consider it is going to be hellish and then it is job of the soul to remain awake, empower itself and transform the dimension into heaven through positive thoughts and actions or by engaging in neu spiritual life and neu energy meditation.