Read and Learn more about the Neutral Thoughts
expressed by the Founder of Neu Spiritual Science

Why do Non-Humans such as animals offer so much love and attraction!

Every soul goes through spiritual highs and lows and not all souls take human form.

The human form is created only when the soul is having a much higher vibration as compared to that of non-human form.

When a soul takes form of a non-human, it tries to attain as much energy as it can during its non-human existence from all sources including human. So that when its non-human life ends, it can again take form of a higher sentinel being such as that of a human.

And as there are not many ways a non-human can use to attract such energies, it uses the simplest way to attract energy by offering love and emotions that we see abundant among animals. More so than humans.

We have the intellect to attain energy through many other ways and thus neglect our core emotion of love and focus on other ways such as meditation.

So when you see a puppy or a cat longing to seek your attention for love and caress, know well that it aims to attract away energy from you for its own salvation.

If you are a highly evolved human with very high spiritual level and beaming with energy, then this will not much of a difference.

However, if your own energy level is low and your soul vibration lower than usual, one needs to be careful how much energy we share of our own with others, specially non-humans.

This does not mean we turn away non-humans from seeking love but be well aware that when we offer our own energy, we need to meditate more and raise our energy levels. This will do more good then denying love to anyone, including non-humans.

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Your body is a like an empty space. Fill it with love, it will become a bed of roses, fill it with hate, it will become a bed of thorns.

When I say the body is empty space. Do not take it literally. Our body is made up pf atoms and molecules, organs and micro-organisms and an ecosystem of life.

But that is in the physical dimension.

In the quantum dimension where everything is energy, our spiritual body may be quite empty. Like a flat-line of the heart. Which means the heart has stopped beating.

So just as there is the physical heart, there is the inner heart.

That inner heart is empty and if you fill it with love, it will offer comfort to not only you but also others around you as the vibrations of the inner heart or Neu as I lovingly call it, can reach out far and wide and touch the nerve of every cell in our body.

However, if you fill it with hate and anger and other negative energies, soon your own physical body will exhibit the pain or thorns and will also affect those around you.

Do not allow your inner heart lower its vibrations and through selfless love one can keep raising it higher and higher and spread its vibrations further.

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Scientific Theory of Neu Spirituality

Main ideas are very straight forward. Again this is theory and only practice can offer evidence. I practice and have received evidence. 

1. Soul is a quantum particle similar to the neutrinos neutral in quantum state.

2. Physical reality is distinct from Quantum state.

3. Quantum state has three type.
Positive, Negative and Neutral.

4. The soul particle creates the physical reality for itself to experience consciousness.

5. The physical body is a manifestation of the soul created physical reality.

6. The physical reality is multi dimensional in existence with respect to time.

7. The soul particle and they physical body is connected via the electromagnetic spectrum.

8. The soul particle can through conscious existence receive energy from physical reality this raising or lowering its vibrations.

9. The higher the vibration of the soul particle the positive is the dimension  of the physical reality and vice versa.

10. The soul particle is singular for all the infinite physical dimensional existences.

Thus a conscious entity should focus on offering energy to the soul and thus engage in manifestation of what they want in their physical dimension.

However, the soul particle looping through an infinite and endless cycle of life and death is trapped by the influence of the conscious mind focused on the body and the cause and effects of physical reality.

I have experimented by silencing the mind techniques and practicing a unique intense meditation technique in attracting neutral energy that can be fuel for the trapped soul in awakening its sub conscious existence and empowering it to engage in soul to soul communications, soul energy transfer and engaging in manifesting changes in physical reality.

And validated by manifesting for other as well.

Tantra and Mantra are two sides of the same coin

Tantra and Mantra are two sides of the same coin. Learn to live without them and you will find your inner self.

The hymn of carols is in the air as would be in other places the chants of Mantra. And in some other remote places there would be the dance of Tantra.

Music and sound has its own vibrations and they mesmerize the mind to the point of drowning it without logic or reason but in belief that it is the best that can be.

Though music and sound has been used by awakened souls who practice meditation in order to drown the mind, the addiction to music can sometimes drown even the murmurs of the soul.

While Mantra spreads the fragrance of positive energy, Tantra can raise all forms of energies and some of be could be negative.

But as we all know positive energies can be positive for some and negative for others. Some may love to hear the trumpet of call for prayers while others would feel irritated beyond comprehension.

Thus music and sound be it Mantra or Tantra kind cannot be the answer to finding the truth. The truth is always discovered in silence.

Because the Truth is not in physical vibrations which is what sound and music brings, but in the vibration of neutral energy. Which the soul loves.

Yes, if you wish to be immersed in the enchantment of Tantra or Mantra, go ahead and enjoy but eventually you would want the solace of silence.

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Why do you feel empty inside?

Why do you feel empty inside? Because, you have not yet found yourself.

When we are young and our mind is quiet we are always connected with other people. Yes some children are introvert and do not talk much or lack communication and others are having disabilities that prevent them from communicating.

And a lot of children and later on adults feel alone, uncared and earn for love and relationship.

All along our goal is to have meaningful relationships be it personal or professional. Something that will make us feel connected.

However, as most of realize that these connections are temporary and as we grow older, we find more and more alone and empty inside.

However, the root cause of emptiness is not because of our external relationships. It is because we have not found our inner self.

Our Soul, Our Neu.

Our mind is not connected to our soul yet and thus we keep searching for the perfect connection.

When we silence our mind, awaken our soul and start hearing its murmurs and start communicating, our inner self is full of joy and exhilaration never felt before.

The emptiness inside us is gone and we feel more confident about ourself and this also reflects in our external relationships and thus we get connected to others.

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Every second is equal to the age of an entire universe

Every second is equal to the age of an entire universe. So do not waste that second.

The life that is created for us as a conscious entity is very precious as it offers our soul an opportunity to raise the energy vibration.

Every second of our life determines how our next life will turn out to be and the universe that is created how it shapes up. Each second has infinite possibilities and existence in different dimensions connected by one soul.

Thus what we do in this second will affect the soul and thus affect all those infinite existences. If our action in this second is negative it can affect the entire universe we exist in lowering its vibration and likewise a positive action can raise the vibration.

So live wisely every second ensuring that whichever dimension you may transcend into in the next life cycle is balanced and positive in the environment it will offer you.

Every second of your life determines if you are creating a heaven or hell for yourself.

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You are already learned

I cannot teach and you cannot learn because you are already learned and yet unaware of your non-existence.

As we are souls to begin with, we have the potential to connect with the source or the reservoir of knowledge as I see it and also energy.

Also, the thoughts expressed by anyone are their individual ones, most of it through the evolution of the mind and some filtered through their soul.

Thus no matter how great a thinker or knowledgeable one is in the mind, there is not way that person can offer to teach you more than what your soul can offer.

So, thus you are already having the option to gain all of the knowledge through your soul connecting to the source without needing to learn from anyone.

Yes, some of us who practice this soul communication can guide you in the right path to take but the path you have to take on your own in your pursuit of knowledge and energy.

And when this knowledge dawns on you, there will be self realization that you do not exist as an individual and are one with the source.

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I am trapped in Maya

I am trapped in Maya. But I cannot but love everyone in it.

Maya is a term used by eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism to describe life as an illusion.

Some new age scientists also claim that physical reality may actually be a simulation like in a game we play on the computer. Who is the creator of such a simulation is unknown but some hint may be other advanced civilizations.

Anyways. All that happens in life, the ups and downs, the fantasy and the horrors are all seem so surreal. As if we are living in a movie.

So yes, the soul is trapped in Maya or physical reality that it created for itself in order to experience consciousness. The trap is the electrical energy of the universe in general and the electromagnetic energy of a conscious living being.

So when I, the soul has created this universe for myself good or bad depending on the baggage of negative or positive energy accumulated from previous life cycles, we should love our own creation and everyone and everything that is in it.

Hating people or things that cause us misery as a conscious being will only lower the vibration of the soul and generate more negative energy.

Thus there is no escaping this.

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Born in Hell! Are You?

When you started living no one told you are in Hell and that you have to work hard to make it like heaven for yourself and those around you.

Eastern Hindu philosophy such as the Vedas and the Bhagwad Gita mention different cycles of lifetimes and that the current lifetime is Kaliyug – where negativity rules and righteous are tested.

Western Philosophy talks about Day of Judgement which literally means the same thing that we are all living in a hellish dimension and a day will come when the righteous will be saved.

When I look at these thoughts from the prism of science, it occurs that that there are different dimensions of the same lifetime. Some positive and others negative and when a soul creates a physical dimension to experience consciousness, it may well be any of these dimensions.

The dimension that we all now exist as I write seems to be more negative than positive and for many sort of hellish.

Imagine being born in a place like Syria or Afghanistan or Yemen, where bombs off like firecrackers. A soul getting impregnated in such a dimension into conscious existence is nothing less then hell. Not that everyone is suffering as in hell in these places.

Other forms of hell could be being born into the custody of abusive parents or being abandoned in say a garbage bin and then being abused over and over again in foster care or orphanages. Not that everyone gets abused in such circumstances.

Yet, when coming into conscious existence as well as consider it is going to be hellish and then it is job of the soul to remain awake, empower itself and transform the dimension into heaven through positive thoughts and actions or by engaging in neu spiritual life and neu energy meditation.

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