If you believe in something…


If you believe in something then you elude nothing.

What is Belief? It is something that you are sure about. Something, that you feel you will derive something positive.

And there are various kinds of beliefs. Religious, Spiritual, Philosophical, Political…you name it you have it.

And when you believe something, you do not want to let go as you see hope that something will happen.

The fear of being nothing or having nothing in life is what drives us to beliefs.

So when I write if you believe in something then you elude nothing, it means in your quest for something, you miss out on the real deal.

The force of Nothingness that is the mother of everything.

When you have nothing, you earn for something and that drives you to achievement. When you have everything, you may just be lazy and not create anything.

Spiritually, becoming nothing removes the clutter of everything around your soul and releases it from the prison of materialism and physical reality, allowing it to attract neutral energy and thus achieve liberation, from everything and become a free spirit or as I call it Neu Spirit.

A Neu Spirit is a soul that has achieved nothingness and yet capable of being anything and everything.