Physical reality is so wonderful. Some of us feel so lucky to be here, on this wonderful life-giving planet, enjoying the conscious existence, devouring other living beings, laying waste to nature and caring little for what happens to anything and everything around us.

And all that we focus on is how to have a better standard of living, for ourselves and for our near and dear ones.

Though some of us have realized how morbid we have become, we keep adding to the negativity surrounding our inner self, not stopping to reflect on what we are doing and if there needs to be course correction.

Of course, some of us do stop and reflect and change course as I did and many others, and when that happens, there is a huge shift in self realization that we have ignored for long.

Who we are truly are and that we are not quite hearing the voice of our Neu.

Yes, the Neu is the quantum particle that some of us call as the soul, others by different names.

The Neu though seemingly singular, is a whole and part of the Source, always connected, and in communion, in deep sleep through the entrapment of the conscious mind.

It has not always been this way, as consciousness formed in the womb of physical reality with the Neu eyes wide open, attracting one and all, communicating without words, at the time of birth.

As the physical form developed from baby to adulthood, the conscious mind grew too leading to the chatter of the self and others, drowning the murmurs of the Neu, its voice becoming distant and finally going into slumber, unheard and disempowered.

Soon we become over dependent on the mind which can be easily confused or influence by one and all around us, be it our parents, our teachers, society or friends.

Yes, the mind can be effective and capable in leading us through the physical life through its ups and downs depending on the intellectual capacity and physical complexities of our body.

Some of us like Gandhi and others like Hitler can take our consciousness to opposite extremes.

For most of us though, our mind remains shackled in philosophies of yesteryears and theologies of religion that we consider as bedrock for our empowerment.

No doubt, humanity has evolved over the years from a mindless violent streak in the forests as a hunter gatherer to a competitive economic entity.

And yet, things have pretty much remained the same as far as the balance in energy is concerned.

As we look around today, the balance seems to be increasingly tilted to negative energy and more and more of us are getting pushed in the direction of over dependence on others and on technology.

Though, there has not been a world war in the last 75 odd years; many other negative actions continue leading to a burst of negative energies across the dimension, much more than before the world wars.

This has been due to the over dependence of ourselves on the conscious mind which can be easily confused into believing what is positive and what is negative.

Though, there are many Gurus and saints and prophets who have walked this dimension, the net balance is still in favor of negative energies who are vibrating at much higher levels today than ever before.

So it is high time for all of us to wake up. To silence the mind, connect, awaken the Neu and become empowered once again and recreate the physical dimension, to one of our choosing.

To get on the saddle and ride the wave of life, raising the energy level of our Neu and change the energy balance of the dimension in which we all exist.

Neu Spiritual Science is a guide on how this can be done, every paragraph embedded with knowledge that you have been thirsting for all your life.