Neu Energy Training Course


Learn the technique to live a neutral life and practice Neu Energy Meditation

This Training and Guidance course will offer you complete understanding of living a neutral life devoid of negativity or the side effects of positivity.

Additionally, this course will offer step by step guidance on how to start practicing Neu Energy Meditation, offering energy to your soul and engaging in soul to soul communication & energy transfer.

The course details are as follows:

  1. Learning through online chat and discussion, on how to live a neutral life and silence your mind, reducing stress and negativity
  2. Start Daily meditation for 7 days continuously under my guidance and energy protection.
  3. Engage in meditation on your own with minimum online assistance.

This course offers training specifically in practicing Neu Spiritual life and Neu Energy Meditation as described on this site and through the book Neu Spiritual Science book. By joining this course, you also get a free digital copy of this book.

This course does not make any claims of offering healing or any spiritual services or any material benefits that will be derived from it.

The course or myself does not offer to provide knowledge or training in any other spiritual practices or guidance or other forms of meditation.

Fees as compensation of time spent with student :

Rs. 2579/- (USD $37/-) for 7 day online course and Rs 579/- (USD $9/-) per day for additional days of guidance and training as requested by student. Online payment can be made through Paypal/Western Union/RTGS-Bank Transfer. Details of which will be provided on joining/when making payment.

Training is provided only on personal basis; so only one person can participate in the course at a given time. If any other family member or another acquaintance wish to join the course, they have to participate separately not in group.

I only accept maximum of 9 students at a time. Currently 7 slots are available.

To join the course, soul to soul communication preferable. But you may also connect by writing to me at or Skype me on s.gurudatt or Whatsapp on +91 84338 72 629 or message on FB @ neuspiritualenergy