When we look at reality, we look at it from the point of what we see, what we understand and what we feel could be true as a possibility.

If we do not exist or feel conscious nothing exists from our perspective though everything may continue to exist for others around us.

Thus far no one has died conclusively (not considering Near Death Experiences as they may be just temporarily shutdown of the consciousness system) and then come back to find everything in place as it were before.

So the hypothesis I put forward is that each one of us exists in our own Universe formed in a unique dimension.

So if Tom is living in a self created universe and Judy is living in hers, both
of these universes may exist concurrently in the same dimension and thus
experience the same things.

What do I mean by self created Universe!

For that we have to start with something that is beyond the physical and look into what some call the spiritual and I call the quantum domain.

Just as we physically exist, such as our body and the trees and the food we eat etc, there also exists a quantum particle that I call as the ‘Neu’. Why I call it the Neu, we shall discuss it a bit later.

Mainstream spiritual and religious theologists may call the ‘Neu’ as the
‘Soul’ or ‘Inner Self’.

Now the Neu is a quantum particle in the sense it is not the same as an atom
or electrons or other physical particles. Nor does it exist in the physical
universe as other particles do.

The Neu exists in a separate universe of its own.

So we have infinite, multiple universes consisting of matter and anti-matter
and everything else within the boundaries of scientific facts.

And also a quantum universe littered with Neu particles. I call this quantum
universe as the Superverse.

Though the Neu sounds unitary and individualistic, it is not so. It is analogous to a water drop that is part of the infinite ocean. Thus the Neu may temporarily exist as a unitary particle but generally is part of the whole as the Superverse.

Now, the Superverse forms a physical universe, embeds a Neu in a life form
in a specific dimension.

When I speak of dimension, I refer to existence of a physical universe with
respect to a specific time space.

Thus there could be infinite instances of a Neu embedded in a life form in
multiple instances of time space or dimensions, all existing at the same time.

So there can be infinite instances of Tom and Judy all existing at the same
time and all the instances powered by a unitary Neu for Tom and another Neu for Judy.

Spiritually, one can call this as the endless cycle of life and death.

The Neu keeps revolving from one dimension to another. Until, it becomes a
Neu Spirit.

A Neu Spirit is basically a Neu with very Neutral spin and Neutral in energy and thus exits the endless cycle of physical dimensions merging with an all powerful Neutral Energy entity that I call as the ‘Source’. More commonly people refer to it as God. One may also call it ‘Nothingness’.

A Neu Spirit can then experience conscious existence without requiring attaching to a physical living form in a physical universe. And still it can traverse any physical universe or dimension and influence it through its merger with the ‘Source’.

This spin is acquired by electromagnetic interaction of the physical body with the quantum Neu. Commonly, we call them as thoughts or actions.

Negative thoughts and actions can result in lower spin of the Neu and positive thoughts and actions can result in higher spin of the Neu.

Neutral thoughts and actions can result in Neutral spin resulting in pure Neutral energy charge to the Neu converting it to a Neu Spirit particle.