Hear from the people who have learned about
Neu Energy Meditation undergone training
and experienced healing.


Joseph (USA)

My Friend Gurudatt has created this Neu Energy Course for which he gave me acknowledgement for pushing him in this direction initially. I actually did nothing but just be myself

Learner & Experiencer

Camilla (Sweden)

Learning Meditation has helped me learn to silence my mind and fight for rights of children in Sweden and get my mind calm away from fear.


Ava (South Africa)

Your approach really speaks to me and I would love nothing more than to go about my life with a neutral attitude..

Learner & Experiencer

Mariyam (Iran)

Master you came to me because I have been seeking unity with his origin and knowledge for many years.Certainly you know the way to control and use total energy. And last night I was just a partner at a glorious moment.

Learner & Experiencer

Juan (Spain)

Gurudatt holds the key to non attachment and proper meditation with a simple yet powerful technique which I practice with amazing results, I love this man.

Learner & Experiencer

Alicia (USA)

Your book and practicing meditation helped me. When I was meditating. My life was doing good. I Thank You.