Neu Spiritual Science is an introduction to the power of a quantum particle that we commonly call as the “Soul” and how this particle can be empowered with energy to bring about change in physical reality.

The aim of writing this book is to share the knowledge I have received in the past few years of my life; as I embarked on the journey to discover my inner spirit.

The knowledge is not something that is a creation of my imagination, but an embodiment of my quest to understand the nature of reality and what we consider as spiritual, as also to unravel the truth.

This book does not does offer much theological knowledge, something that requires beliefs but is more ingrained with facts of life and life experience.

And one that offers everyone something to experiment with and have their own individual experiences.

I received guidance for writing this book from my soul not to seek material benefit but to bring out what it speaks through me through my conscious existence.

Thus the true author of this book is my soul, whom I affectionately refer to as Neu and which is a part of the whole that is called as the Source – the source of neutral energy.

Though I am quite conversant with the English language, my prose and grammar may not be perfect, for which I ask forgiveness in advance.

I have shared some of the pages of the book on the website for your reading, you may however want to purchase the hard copy with all the pages from any of the following links.

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