Twin Flame and Twin Souls

Soul Communication

Are Twin Flames and Twin Souls the same. My Soul Speaks offering some insight.

This topic has not come to the attention of my soul until lately when I offered guidance to people with matters of the heart. And more and more people want to know how they can connect with their Twin Flames or Twin Souls.

And here is what my soul spoke as I was trying to help someone.

First of all, Twin Flame and Twin Souls are two different things. A Twin Flame is more to do with the physical realm and Twin Soul to do with the quantum realm.

Twin souls are two quantum particles in entanglement and thus if one soul feels and does something in the physical realm, the other soul will also feel and want to do the same thing. Twin souls may not necessarily be good mates as they pretty much do and behave the same way. Some twins could be twin souls that way.

Twin flames on the other hand are two different souls whose physical electromagnetic resonance is the same and thus they heart beats the same way and offers more of a mental connection that a true soul to soul connection.

While Twin Souls can be afar and yet be connected, the distance is not important, Twin souls need to be near to feel connected and also desire an intimate physical relationship without which they will feel incomplete.

Twin souls individually are completely in themselves so they do not need to be in physical union.

It is far more easier for both Twin Souls and Twin flames to connect with one another in the physical realm than other souls. And the relationships are more lasting than other relationships.

Soul Communication
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