We are all stars. Always twinkling, sometimes bright sometimes faint. And to some we are near and others afar. We are Neu Spirits. The stars that do not shine but still shine through without light creating consciousness and existence.

For a long time, I wondered how so much life can exist and so many souls. If someone dies, where do they go? Another body! Reincarnate or end up in heaven and hell! Or wander aimlessly as ghosts and spirits creating folklore of paranormal stories.

Everything is expanding, the universe, the stars, life and the stream of consciousness. Where is the singularity? If my soul enters another body in the future, what happened to the soul of the body that I entered? There are a billion living beings in our singular body. Who is keeping count of what happens to them! As human beings we restrict ourselves to only intelligent ones or ones that we are visibly or emotionally impressed. Like pets for example.

We have already created computer games and there is no end to the characters we can create in the gaming universe. So why is it so difficult to understand that what we see through the eyes, imagine through the brain and the being itself is all an imagination, Maya as many religions have already explained and the only real deal is the neu.

When you die, the neu simply reboots and starts anew. You are again born.

The same person, the same life unless your neu is brighter which means, the next sequence of your life is much brighter. World War 2 had millions of people killed. How can we hope to have a post war world that is bright and shining? It is not getting better is it! With groups like ISIS running around massacring children and women, the neu has gone dark for most of us.

So, you can create your own universe the day you are born as a conscious being and how your next one shapes into is dependent clearly on what you do until death.