Awaken your NEU

Your NEU is your inner spirit that is your creator and source of energy. Learn to Awaken, Connect, and Empower your NEU by spending only 7 minutes every day, practicing Neu Energy Meditation, manifesting what you want in life.

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Silent Meditation

This is the start for those who are having difficulty in silencing their mind. Silent meditation not only helps you drive away troubling thoughts entering your mind, it also awakens your NEU and start communicating with your mind..


Focused Meditation

Once your mind is able to maintain silence, you can learn to engage in focused meditation that will enable you to learn, how to focus and concentrate on your physical self and your innser self, bringing out the sub conscious desires and goals in life.


Neu Energy

After completing sessions of focused meditation, you can start practicing Neu Spiritual Lifestyle and Neu Energy Meditation enabling you to engage in Soul to Soul Communication, Removing Negativity through Energy Transfer and Neu Energy Manifestations.

Meditation Sessions

Only 7 Minute Everyday

Meditation is not just about spending time with your self, in quietness and then focusing on something you seek in life. Meditation is about ensuring that your outer and inner self is in sync and your NEU connected to the Superverse - Soul Universe.

Neu Energy Meditation is a practice of living a life that is neutral in state of mind, not engaging in any form of negative thoughts or actions and thus allowing the NEU to seek and attract energy.

YES. All you need to spend is only 7 minutes everyday practicing Neu Energy Meditation to reduce stress, increase blood circulation, protect your vital organs, get rid of bad luck, all forms negativity, increase communication among partners, develop better relationships, de-addicted and much more.

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