Are you Afraid!

Has fear gripped your life and you are always afraid of the negative energies that surround you? Afraid, that there is no choice and you are no longer free to live your life the way you want to. Afraid, of the past that haunts you be itself inflicted or by others!

Are you at a crossroad!

You have lived a wonderful life but there is no inner peace! You are wondering who you are and what am I doing on this planet? What is my true path, my mission in life! Have I done enough?

Do you feel lost!

Having travelled all this way through life, do you feel lost? That you are going around in a circle and ending up at the same point in life! You have followed the rules laid down by others and your beliefs and yet your life has been a roller coaster full of ups and downs. You have not reached your destination!

You are Happy but Unaware!

You have everything that you wished for. Life has been good to you. A fabulous Job, A Happy Family and Financial freedom. But you feel this is all a mirage so unreal. The happiness has come at a price and at a cost to the happiness of others! At the cost of their freedom. You had not looked beyond yourself and your family and closed your eyes to the suffering of others around you!

The Wakeup Call!

And now I know the Universe is calling me through my inner spirit. To Wake up. To Arise. To Feel. To Love. To Empathize. To Share. To Live. To Care. To Start. Start a new life! A neu Life. Be a child again and start to understand the true meaning of your existence. Toawaken your inner spirit and to connect with others and start living in perfect harmony.

Ready to Jump!

You cannot walk now. You cannot run. You have to Jump. Take the leap of faith that we are all connected. And that, it is your destiny to be of service not only to yourself, but to entire humanity. And that is possible if you take the right path, start the neu life.

Pure and Neu

The Neu is your inner spirit, your soul that has so far been unconscious. Like the Lotus flower that is so full of purity surrounded by dark water and yet it stands apart. In the ocean of life, you will have to rise above the darkness allow all the positive energies get drawn to you. Your neu has now awakened and become fully conscious, ready for the next step.

Meditate and Focus

So far you have lived in chaos. The drum beats of life has drowned the humming of your inner spirit. The only way to feel the beats of your inner spirit is through meditation in silence. Silence of the mind, Silence of Life. Silence of Energy. In complete silence you will be able to meditate in perfection, focus on the steps you need to take to first awaken your inner spirit and then fill it with energy.