Wake Up!  Just as you wake up to go to office or school or have an important date to keep, it is important you wake up yourself and by this we mean awakening your “neu” from deep slumber.

The first time you were awake was when you were born in the womb and then as your came out of the womb you gradually started sleeping and disconnecting yourself from the mind.

Then the mind took over your body allowing positive and negative energies to influence your every action and thought.

It is not that the mind is wrong or evil. It is just that the mind can be manipulated by circumstances and what you are taught at home, school, college or at work.  Or by religion and information on the Internet and through other people and books and other forms of tools used for mind washing.

Yes, some call it “Brain Washing” but it is the same. Your entire life is built on what the mind is taught and you do not even realize that you are accumulating either positive energy or negative energy.

Now you may wonder what is wrong with accumulating positive energy. Right. There is nothing wrong with that.

But positive energy such as “love”, “Money”, “Power” can also give rise to negative energy such as “hate”, “ego” and “Anger”. And thus the human experience gets becomes a mouse trap for the soul making you feel miserable inside though outside everything seems so lovely and fine.

Then our mind takes refuge in religion and God and tries to get rid of the negativity but that requires us to be ideally positive and which we cannot and it offers only temporary relief through our prayers.  Eventually the negativity we engage in catches up with us and by the end of them mortal existence, we have accumulated enough negative energy that makes our next conscious existence in a new dimension worse than the present one.

And if at all one has been only accumulating positive energy then yes, the next conscious existence will be positive as al what eastern religions call as “Karma”.

But you keep circling the physical dimension endlessly sometime in a positive one and sometimes in a negative one.

Is this what you want? If everyone accumulated positive energy then there would never have been so much evil and negativity in our current dimension. Why do people keep suffering, killing each other, spreading hate and anger, and pursuing a rat race to accumulate as much wealth as they can as if they are going to take it all in the next one?

Or here is the alternative. Remove all the negative energies surrounding you and you may keep the positive energies and continue to live a neutral life. Which means no more negativity? Yes, this may not help you become the richest man or woman in your town or country or the world or famous and powerful but you will definitely attract more positive and neutral people in your life an repel those who are negative.

By the end of your mortal existence, give up all the positive energies and turn yourself into completely neutral form and shift your soul to a higher spiritual dimension.

A “Spiritual Dimension” is not the same as the “Physical dimension”. The spiritual dimension relate to the energy level of your soul or neu which is basically how much neutral energy the soul has accumulated through the human experience.

Generally there are 10 levels of spiritual existence as a conscious human entity. The first one is 0 when a new soul is created and impregnated into the physical dimension and the last one is the 9th level. You will learn more about the spiritual levels in the next learning.

Let us stop here for now and reflect on what is shared in this learning and if you have any questions feel free to contact a Neu Yogi or Neu Yogini.