I am trapped in Maya.

physical reality

I am trapped in Maya. But I cannot but love everyone in it.

Maya is a term used by eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism to describe life as an illusion.

Some new age scientists also claim that physical reality may actually be a simulation like in a game we play on the computer. Who is the creator of such a simulation is unknown but some hint may be other advanced civilizations.

Anyways. All that happens in life, the ups and downs, the fantasy and the horrors are all seem so surreal. As if we are living in a movie.

So yes, the soul is trapped in Maya or physical reality that it created for itself in order to experience consciousness. The trap is the electrical energy of the universe in general and the electromagnetic energy of a conscious living being.

So when I, the soul has created this universe for myself good or bad depending on the baggage of negative or positive energy accumulated from previous life cycles, we should love our own creation and everyone and everything that is in it.

Hating people or things that cause us misery as a conscious being will only lower the vibration of the soul and generate more negative energy.

Thus there is no escaping this.

physical reality
What can you give up when you have nothing?

“What can you give up when you have nothing?” What this means is that the physical reality that we experience is not permanent and not something one can hold on to. It is existent as long as we experience consciousness. When we become conscious at birth we came with nothing …