This physical reality is so wonderful. Some of us feel so lucky to be here, on this wonderful life giving planet enjoying the conscious existence, devouring other living beings and caring little for what happens to anything and everything around us.

All we focus on is how to have a better standard of living for our self and our near and dear ones.

Though some of us have realized how morbid we have become as compared to other conscious life forms out there, yet with each passing day of our life; we keep adding to the negativity surrounding our inner self, not stopping to reflect on what we are doing and if we need to change course.

Of course some of us do stop and reflect and change course as I came to be before it was too late.

And when that happens, there is a huge shift in self realization that as we have been attracting positivity in our physical life, we have not even tried to listen to what is insider of us, our soul, our neu.

So this is how I felt when I woke up in July 2012 after my long deep sleep far away from the path that I had to take and now requiring reversing back all that I have undone.

Yes, the neu is the quantum particle insider of us, some of us call it the soul others by different names but it all means the same.

And this neu that which is not singular but one in entirely, always connected and in communion and yet in deep sleep through the entrapment of the conscious mind.

Time to wake up buddy….