What is energy? The scientific description of energy is “Energy is a property of objects, transferable among them via fundamental interactions, which can be converted into different forms but not created or destroyed.”

This description does not make sense at all. At least not to me. How about you? Let me try and describe energy in another way.

Energy is an invisible form of interaction between neu’s that can be positive or negative or simply neutral in charge.

The neu is basically neutral in energy but can be imparted with a positive or negative form. If a neu is negative in inclination then it can attract positive charge and vice-a-versa. When a neu takes conscious form and gets embedded in the universe it creates, it is neutral to begin with.

As the conscious entity takes form, it may attract negative or positive actions or engage in negative or positive actions as a result of which the neu changes from neutral to negative or positive inclination. By the end of the conscious existence, the resulting energy inclination is passed on to the neu spirit and this goes on and on.

When the neu spirit becomes completely neutral, it escapes the cycle of creation and consciousness and becomes a free spirit. This stage of existence is called Moksha by some religions or sainthood by others. A neutral neu spirit does not require material existence to be conscious and can transcend time and space.

And some of the neu in us keep focusing on positive energy and others on negative energy eventually leading us to either an existence of heaven or hell.

However, very few are able to focus on the neutral path and attain nirvana, which is true spiritual energy form.

With every existence the neu carries over to the next, the dna of consciousness as well as the accumulated positive or negative energies.