From all the spiritual beliefs (traditional and new age) I have seen that the focus is on the outer mortal benefits rather than the true internal awakening.

In July of 2012, when engaged in silent meditation at an ashram in Pune, India; I experienced and discovered the path to awakening the spiritual form which is our true self that I call as the ‘Neu’ and the meditation practice that energizes the ‘Neu’ leading ultimately to its Moksha.

Since then my life has changed dramatically. Mainly because I have found my God and one that is within me; not in some idol or book and also changed my outlook of this mortal life. I have also discovered the immense power of the ‘Neu’ and how it can be used to attain love and peace not for the self but the people you love and also the entire world.

Though the path to Moksha is clear, it is not an easy one and only the brave can tread this path.