If you focus only on the physical or mortal world, then you can never travel beyond your imagination. And that can be more fiction than reality.

Therefore engaging in Space Travel means traveling towards what you see or believe exits or imagine to exist together. If Alpha Centauri has habitable planets and people living there, then space travel will take a long time to reach there. And as you believe in the physics that you have imagined as proposed by Einstein and others, then you may never return home to tell everyone what you found.

Thus the basic premise of space travel is absolutely wrong as it is completely fictitious.

On the other hand as we are energy beings with the neu as our focal particle this means true communication with other energy beings can happen outside of the simulated universe and in energy dimensions.

To be able to do this kind of communication, one will not need a rocket or space ship but to find a way to escape the simulated universe and engage in Neu Travel. What this means could be many things but from what I understand it means once we are not trapped in the simulated universe, we can be anywhere in any simulated universe or real energy dimension or be able to communicate and feel and touch and relive any experience that is more real than the one we would do simply using Space Travel.

Ancient sages and saints have engaged in Neu Travel and met various other energy entities not in a saucer shaped UFO or a flying chariot but simply by experiencing the neu exiting the simulated material body and then dive into a tunnel. This kind of Neu Travel generally happens post death for a brief moment but we are not in control of.

The key to Neu Travel is in our understanding of our neu and how to become a Neu Spirit unbound by any simulated universe.