Soul to Soul Communication

Soul Communication


There are two important things in life everyone wishes for. One is a dream job and a perfect life partner. It is seldom that one has both and for many even one.

And if one has both, then life would be so much easier and fulfilled.

So, through many years of personal research on neutrino physics, quantum physics and spiritual science, I have discovered the secret to achieving most if not all of the objectives in our physical world.

I have explained in detail all of this in a recently published book titled, “Neu Spiritual Science: A Personal Understanding the nature of the soul through the prism of science” which is available through the following links:

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Now getting back to the subject on hand about the DREAM JOB and PERFECT LIFE PARTNER, let us understand how this is possible. All of this is scientific according to me and I will try to explain in simple language.

Let us start with the DREAM JOB part


At any given point of time, we have to look for a new job, if we are not progressing with our current one or not happy with what we are doing.

Job search involves days and even months applying for advertised positions, or contacting a placement agency or executive.

For every open position, there are hundreds of applicants and the job of a hiring manager is a tough one, shifting through the chaff looking for the perfect candidate and this can be tiresome.

And it may happen sometimes the hiring manager misses a really good profile and what if that is yours!

Through Neu Energy Meditation one can offer energy to your soul and then it is possible to establish a soul communication between your soul and the hiring managers soul through quantum vibrations. This results in pinging the hiring manager’s mind to pick out your profile from the chaff of resumes and have it reviewed.

And thus, increase your chances of getting hired.


Just as in job search one has to do their physical bit in looking for a life partner, be it sharing a profile on dating or match making site or hanging out with friends and at public meeting places. Just sitting alone not socializing will not achieve your objective.

And yet, when the one that is perfect for you comes across your profile or meets you in person, there may never happen a connection if either of your soul is not vibrating at the required frequency.

Though romance is concerned matters of the heart a deep feeling of excitement and joy on coming across someone very attractive physically and mentally, this may not result in a perfect union and there could be trouble ahead.

Thus, matching with the perfect soulmate is rare and extraordinary and not happening with everyone.

So, in order for you to find your perfect soul mate, it is possible through Neu Energy Meditation by raising your soul vibration and thus connecting and communicating with the person of your choice less by words.

Soul communication is without manipulation or confusion and thus offers transparency in exchange of information resulting in a better relationship.

Also, if you are an introvert it helps to ping the one you want to connect without speaking a word and let them make the first move.


Join the 7-day Neu Energy Meditation course that I am conducting and notice the sea of differences in how you make connections.

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Soul Communication
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