What can you give up when you have nothing?

physical reality

“What can you give up when you have nothing?”

What this means is that the physical reality that we experience is not permanent and not something one can hold on to. It is existent as long as we experience consciousness.

When we become conscious at birth we came with nothing and when we leave consciousness at the time of death we leave with nothing.

Some spiritual teachings extol us to give up material pleasures, attachments, fear, desires, money, etc. But do we really own these things to give up?

As long as we are conscious we are the owner of all that is there in the physical realm that belongs to us. And some of us take great pride in ownership of these physical manifestations.

So yes, you can give up these during your conscious existence but it has no meaning for the soul as such as it only accepts and retains pure energy.

Thus, if you give up all that you conscientiously feel you own, take no pride or accept gratitude. Your action only generates positive energy that helps you only in the physical realm.

There is no need for positive energy in the spiritual realm as here you are just a soul and the soul is neutral.

There is though carry forward of the positive energy into your next conscious existence and thus determines the character of this existence if it is going to be positive or negative or neutral.

physical reality
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