You are already learned


I cannot teach and you cannot learn because you are already learned and yet unaware of your non-existence.

As we are souls to begin with, we have the potential to connect with the source or the reservoir of knowledge as I see it and also energy.

Also, the thoughts expressed by anyone are their individual ones, most of it through the evolution of the mind and some filtered through their soul.

Thus no matter how great a thinker or knowledgeable one is in the mind, there is not way that person can offer to teach you more than what your soul can offer.

So, thus you are already having the option to gain all of the knowledge through your soul connecting to the source without needing to learn from anyone.

Yes, some of us who practice this soul communication can guide you in the right path to take but the path you have to take on your own in your pursuit of knowledge and energy.

And when this knowledge dawns on you, there will be self realization that you do not exist as an individual and are one with the source.